EAS assisted installation and configuration

EAS offers free-of-charge installation and configuration service for all customers using Shopify or WooCommerce.

1. Choose assisted installation during the EAS registration

We highly recommend the assisted installation. It is free and our expert support will not only keep you informed about what is happening and when, but you will also get a useful template for future settings and a free review of your platform. You can register with EAS at easproject.com/reg

2. Collaboration request / access rights to your store

For Shopify users: EAS sends you a collaboration request, you can approve it from the Shopify admin panel. Simply navigate to the Shopify Admin panel, then go to "Users" and find the EAS request under "Requests" to accept it. Read more about Shopify Collaboration rights and request

For WooCommerce users: Your EAS support person sends you instructions on how to give EAS temporary access to your online store. Read more about WooCommerce admin rights and request

3. Configuration

After EAS registration and granting permission for collaboration on Shopify or providing access to your WooCommerce, EAS eCommerce platform experts will proceed to install the EAS App on your store and ensure that all your European tax settings are accurate.

4. Prepare your online store for European sales

EAS recommends updating your Shipping terms to communicate you are now shipping taxes paid at checkout. In this article we give templates on how to communicate new shipping terms. We also recommend telling your Social Media followers you are now selling to new markets.

5. Test order

To see EU tax calculation in action, we recommend making a test order all the way through the checkout stage (no actual payment required). This can be easily done by adding a product to your shopping cart, selecting EU as the Shipping destination and proceeding to the payment stage. Here, you'll have an opportunity to verify how taxes are calculated in the total order value.
If you would prefer other type of tax calculation, please let us know!

It's worth noting that errors in the pricing model could potentially lead to losses. By continuing to use EAS Solutions, you're acknowledging any changes to the pricing model and taking responsibility for any associated losses.

Pay close attention to all communication from EAS 


Don't be afraid to ask support or your account manager for further details, we want you to be comfortable working with us!

There is always a backlog of onboardings, please allow us a few days. If you have a specific date you want to have EAS compliance ready just let us know and we will do our best to accommodate you.