EAS Shopify collaboration request

In order for EAS to be able to configure the platform, EAS must have access to a number of settings in Shopify

To do the installation, EAS must have collaboration rights to your Shopify store. Collaboration rights does not mean administrative rights to your store. It is for temporary configuration assistance and you can remove the rights once configuration is complete. 

The collaboration rights requested
You can accept the installation request by going to the Shopify Admin panel, and Settings → Users and permissions. Scroll a little down and find the collaborator view. You will see the banner that says a collaboration request is pending. Once we have the rights, we install and set up the EAS Shopify App and test that everything works perfectly. After the installation, the collaboration rights can be removed.

We will send you instructions on registering the IOSS number with your logistics provider and your new IOSS number during the installation. You’ll be compliant shortly!

Please provide us with the following collaboration rights (explanations included):
  • Orders
    • Manage orders information
      To review the results of the EAS VAT calculation
  • Draft Orders
    • Create and edit draft orders
      To review the results of EAS VAT calculation for dropped orders
  • Products
    • View product cost
    • Create and edit products
      • Edit product cost
      • Edit product price
      • Export products
        Product attribute review to make sure taxes are calculated correctly in all instances. Bulk update products categories, attach markets and if needed fix prices.
  • Settings
    • Manage settings
      Required for access to Shopify Markets
    • Shipping and Delivery
      EU country delivery options to be verified for compliance
    • Locations
      warehousing settings and fulfilment priority need to match with EAS settings
    • View apps developed by staff and collaborators
      we make sure the existing apps have no conflicts.
    • Taxes and Duties
      Needed for configuration of tax settings for EU countries and UK
  • Gift Cards
    This tab is needed to make sure gift card functionality
  • Customers
    For full support of Discount functionality, the EAS EU compliance application needs to have access to the customers' data
  • Reports
    Required for access to Shopify Markets
  • Dashboards
    Required for access to Shopify Markets
  • Marketing
    Required for access to Shopify Markets
  • Discounts
    We want to make sure all the discount types you offer are functioning
  • Themes
    This tab is needed to be able to configure the EAS app with your store theme; Manage settings – this tab is needed to be able to adjust tax and shipping settings
  • Domains
    Required for access to Shopify Markets
  • Manage and install apps and channels
    The basis for all, this is needed for us to be able to install the EAS Shopify App
Below you can find screenshots of rights that should be provided.
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If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at support@easproject.com