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Typical WooCommerce configuration of UK based company for IOSS

These instructions are for a UK based company setting up IOSS sales to EU using WooCommerce

This topic explains the details of tax setting for UK based company using only IOSS and selling predominantly to the UK, to EU, and other countries USA, Australia, etc.


We highly recommend that UK IOSS customers use an inclusive pricing model for their EU customers, meaning prices contain VAT instead of VAT being added at checkout (exclusive pricing). 



Regular settings for the UK tax zone:


This model means that prices in the catalog are kept with VAT in the catalog. Price in the shop  with the properly set geolocation will render VAT-inclusive prices for UK and VAT-exclusive prices for the EU.


Setting on the EAS side is made VAT exclusive since the WC engine will remove UK VAT from the catalog price before putting it into the cart.

Further calculations are done as if the price was exclusive, i.e. consumption country VAT will be added to the merchandise cost.