Is EAS IOSS usable with other platforms than Shopify, Woo or Magento?

EAS solutions can be used without the full, ready integration tools. This can entail some manual work stages or connection via EAS APIs.

In summary, the answer is yes, you can!

However, it's crucial to promptly upload accurate sales data to the EAS dashboard at the end of each month. While it's not overly complicated, there is a manual aspect involved. Please ensure you pay close attention to the data requirements for compliance, which are indicated in the CSV file template. File saved in MS Excel format so we able to use formatting and create it human readable. 

 The template has example and field explanations (lines 2,3,4) so you should remove them before filling up the template.
Columns highlighted in red color belongs to order information, other are about order items.
 If you intend to use a different platform, you'll need to configure your tax rules correctly within that platform. Although our expertise primarily lies in Shopify, WooCommerce, and Magento platforms, we can offer support for other platforms as well. Basic setup instructions for some other platforms can be found in our help centre section.

Additionally, it's essential to familiarise yourself with how to download the correct report from your chosen platform, ensuring it contains all the necessary data. Instructions for this can also be found in our help centre.

When file created please don't forget to save it in CSV format.

Afterwards, you can upload the CSV file to us through this link:

Similar to direct integrations, we will then process the data, generate the report for your confirmation, invoice you for the VAT and EAS fees, and handle the report filing and VAT payment.

It's worth noting that we recommend the use of open APIs primarily for individuals with advanced technical skills. Read more about API connection here