How to setup IOSS number in Bookvault environment?

This article explains the process of setting up a Bookvault profile to facilitate IOSS sales to the European Union.

Bookvault retrieves order data from Shopify, prints the book and provides delivery of printed books to the end customers. Bookvault supports IOSS. Regardless of whether you're using Bookvault's US or UK service, it's necessary to provide your IOSS number to Bookvault. This number will be transmitted electronically by Bookvault to the appropriate logistics operators, such as USPS or Royal Mail,  etc., along with the order data.

To add the IOSS number to the Bookvault dashboard you will need to follow the next steps: 
  1. Go to the main menu and choose Bookvault in the list of installed apps:
  2. Open the Bookvault application, go to “Profile” and choose "Add New IOSS Number” in lower right corner :
  3. Result should be your IOSS number showing in the settings:


Since IOSS number added, Bookvault will transfer it to your logistic operator.