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How to set shipping methods and rates in WooCommerce

Setting shipping methods and rates must be done by merchant in WooCommerce

WooCommerce determines the shipping option based on the delivery address, selecting shipping rates associated with the region of the order delivery address. In general the process of creating shipping rates is:

  • Add Shipping Zone;
  • Add countries or regions to the zone;
  • Add Shipping methods to the zone.

Creating Shipping rates

1.  Go to WooCommerce → Settings from the left side menu.

2. Choose the “Shipping” menu option and add by pressing "Add shipping zone" button either the whole Europe (as an identified region in WooCommerce) as the allowed destination region or all individual countries where you deliver to. EAS solution will be operational in all 27 countries of the EU. Make sure that all other regions where you deliver your products are displayed.

regions selected

In this case, the whole European region is chosen. Practical settings are very much dependent on the delivery solution and applications that you use.

3. Press edit link under the needed zone. Shipping zone setting will be displayed.

4. In the option 1 you can change regions added to the zone.

5. Press button "Add shipping method" (number 2 on the picture below) to add new Shipping method.

shipping zone settings 6. In the opened screen choose the right option of delivery method and press "Add shipping method". The default list of WooCommerce is "Flat rate", "Free shipping", "Local pickup". Third party applications can add new shipping methods. On the picture below "Weight Based Shipping" added by third party plugin.

7. When new shipping method added, press edit under that shipping rate

8. In the opened window, depending on the chosen shipping rate type, configure required options. In the picture below displayed setting for the Flat rate.

rate settings

9. if and when the IOSS special scheme is applied to your order, or the shipment is DDP the shipping rate is to be levied by VAT. To ensure that, please, make your shipping rates taxable as shown below.

shipping rate taxable

All shipping rates applicable to deliveries to the EU countries should be made taxable.

In tested 3rd party solutions that use 3rd party plugins with dynamic rates, we have found no irregularities in EAS system operation.

For more information, contact us at support@easproject.com