How to sell cross-border on TikTok?

EAS helps your cross-border sales also when selling on TikTok

Although EAS does not have direct integration to  TikTok we do provide full compliance support  for your TikTok sales.

Only paid orders to be exported to EAS solution.

TikTok don't allow filtering orders by Completed , Shipped and To ship simultaneously.

To export all paid order it is necessary create 3 export files. And combine them in one.

Sending Sales report is easy, just follow these steps:

1. Login to your TikTok Seller Center

2. Click Orders > Manage Orders



3. Select Order status:  Completed , Shipped  or To ship (repeat next steps for all 3 statuses)

4. In the filtering section select time period for orders to be exported in the Time Created fields From and To (usually it should be from the first day of the month to the end of the month)

5.Select Export orders

6. On the right side select Filtered orders

7. Choose Excel format

8. Press Export  button and then Download.


8. Upload the report monthly at

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