How to provide your IOSS number to Swiss Post?

Providing your IOSS number to Swiss Post ensures your shipments are handled appropriately.

The document does not describe integration of your shop Swiss Post into “Webshop connector international” service. You can find more information on this subject here:

One of the services “Web shop connector” is a convenient tool for uploading data from most common E-commerce platforms and for bulk handling of shipments.

Items sent through this service will not be recognized as IOSS items by the destination posts.

1. Enter the Swiss post portal at:, input your access credentials


2. Choose “Online services” and then choose the service “ Accompanying documents for international letters” service and press “Start”


3. Choose “Create new accompanying document”


4. Choose CN22 label and push “Create label”swiss4

5. At the next stage choose additional services and prepaid postage method (input additional data depending on your choice). Press “Next”


6. Input recipient data


 At the bottom of the page there is a designated area for additional recipient information:

7. IOSS number is to be input into the “Tax number (optional)” field. As soon as you input IOSS number (starting with “IM” letters ) and fill all other recipient information press “Next” . You can save the recipient for further use.


Input Sender information at the next stage:

swiss8On the bottom again you will see the same area for additional information:


Input IOSS data AGAIN in the “Tax number (optional)” box. You can save your information here so you do not have to input it again. Press “Next”

At this stage input the content of the shipment.


At this stage you will be asked customs code (HS6 code that designates the items in the parcel) and the value of the items. Ensure that collective cost of all items is below 150 EUR and H6 codes are provided for all items. Add more lines if you have more than 1 item.

At the next stage you can print the label . for that choose the format and press “Create documents”

At the next screen you will have a possibility to download a zip file with the label:

Unzip the file to get the label with CN22 declaration .