How to provide your IOSS number to Swiss Post?

Providing your IOSS number to Swiss Post ensures your shipments are handled appropriately.

The document does not describe integration of your shop Swiss Post into “Webshop connector international” service. You can find more information on this subject here:


1. Enter the Swiss post portal at:, input your access credentials



2. Choose “Online services” and then choose the service “Webshop Connector International” service and press “Start”

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3. In the Webshop Connector International service view choose your shop out of the shops list  and go to “Shop administration”


4. Tax information is to be entered into the “Tax numbers” section:

First input your Swiss company ID, EORI number (if any) and Swiss VAT number(if you are registered for VAT in Switzerland)

National fiscal registry numbers -  IOSS number, UK VAT number,  Norwegian VAT number and Sales tax registration number for Australia are to be entered into the respective fields. Only enter the registry numbers if you actually have them.