How to provide your IOSS number to Shipstation?

Providing your IOSS number to Shipstation ensures your shipments are handled appropriately.

Add Tax ID Numbers to International Settings


To add your Tax ID numbers to yourShipStationaccount:

1. Go toAccount Settings.

Closeup of ShipStation toolbar with outline marking the Settings icon.

2. Select Shipping and then choose International Settings from the left-hand sidebar.

Settings sidebar with Shipping section open and International section highlighted. 

3. Click the Add a Tax Identifier button.

Tax Identifiers section of International settings highlighted with Add a Tax ID button

4. Select the Tax ID type and Issuing Authority, then enter the ID number and give it a nickname (the nickname helps you identify the ID when selecting it for your shipments).


Available Tax ID Types:

  • TIN

    TIN is a generic "Tax ID Number". Use this option if your Tax ID type is otherwise not provided in the list.

  • VOEC (Norway)

  • PAN (India)

  • EIN

  • SSN

  • VAT

  • EORI

  • IOSS

5. ClickSave Tax Identifier.

6. Click+ Add Another Tax Identifier to add additional Tax ID numbers.


Repeat until you have added all necessary Tax ID numbers toShipStation.

ShipStation will display a list of the Tax Identifiers that have been added. The Tax ID details cannot be modified once added. If you need to make a change to an entry, you must delete the entry and add a new one.