How to provide your IOSS number to Royal Mail?

Providing your logistics partner Royal Mail the IOSS number correctly ensures your shipments are handled appropriately.


If you are using Shopify, you should manually check whether that HS-codes are present in the customs data. Currently Click & Drop connection is having issues transferring HS-data from Shopify to Click & Drop.

We are investigating the issue together with Royal Mail and Shopify. 

Royal Mail Click & Drop instructions for IOSS: 

The following international Royal Mail delivery services support IOSS

If you do not have access to these Royal Mail services, you may need to speak with your Royal Mail OBA account manager to have them enabled.
  • MTK - International Business NPC Tracked Large Letter
  • MP7 - International Business NPC Tracked Parcel
  • MTO - International Business NPC Signed Large letter
  • MP9 - International Business NPC Signed Parcel
  • MP0 - International Business Parcels Signed Extra Comp Country Priced
  • MTG - International Business NPC Tracked Signed Large Letter
  • MTE - International Business NPC Tracked Signed Parcel
  • MTF - International Business Parcel Tracked Signed Extra Comp Country Pricing
  • DE4 - International Business NPC Untracked Parcel
  • DG4 -International Business NPC Untracked Large Letter
  • DW1 - International Standard Sort 2 Parcel
  • DW1 - International Standard Sort 2 Printed Paper
  • OLA, OTC, OTA & OSA are IOSS ready but currently do not ship to the EU.
Note: Never print or write your IOSS number on packages or labels