How to provide your IOSS number to Evri?

Providing your logistics partner Evri the IOSS number correctly ensures your shipments are handled appropriately.

Enter your Evri credentials and proceed with ordering shipment to the “Customs detail” stage:


Input your UK VAT status . If you are not registered for UK VAT , choose Company- non VAT registered in this section:


“Export reason” should always be set to “Sold”, “Recipient is a business” should be unchecked.


Enter your customs data description of your items including HS number “Tariff Code”)

Finally fill in the  IOSS sub-section:


If the items in the parcel are sold through your own store you need to input the IOSS number provided by EAS. If you made a sale through Amazon or any other listed online marketplace (OMP) you have to use their IOSS numbers (DPD will input them automatically if the OMP is chosen in the left panel)


EAS has received information indicating that the IOSS number might not be automatically included in EU orders when using Evri.

Please ensure that the IOSS logo is visibly displayed on the Evri label after it has been generated.