How to provide your IOSS number to DPD?

Providing your logistics partner DPD the IOSS number correctly ensures your shipments are handled appropriately.


Marketplace IOSS numbers need to be mapped to an Order Extended Property called MARKETPLACE_IOSS. They will automatically be passed to the courier if present on the order.

Shipper IOSS can be added in the DPD Config under the IOSS Registration Number field. This value will be passed to the courier if the order item value does not exceed €150 and there is no Order Extended Property added with the MARKETPLACE_IOSS name.

Terms of Delivery can be set as both DAP or DDP (DT1). DPD will first check to see if there is an IOSS Number, and will then ignore the Terms of Delivery, and of there is no IOSS Number, the Terms will be used as they are supplied.

EAS has received information indicating that the IOSS number might not be automatically included in EU orders when using DPD. Please ensure that the IOSS logo is visibly displayed on the DPD label after it has been generated.

Please note that DPD will expect the IOSS Number to be supplied for majority of European destinations. The only countries where the number is not mandatory are France, Germany, Netherlands, Spain, Ireland, Italy and Austria. For further details about these countries and possible errors related to IOSS number please contact your DPD Account manager.