How to make IOSS VAT payments?

Handling IOSS VAT payments with EAS could not be simpler: EAS makes the payments on your behalf once the seller pays the monthly invoice.

IOSS payment period is monthly. EAS invoices the seller for the previous month's VAT and pays the VAT to the EU tax authorities. All invoicing details and filed reports can be found at For EU companies the payment details can be found at the national tax office portal. 

EAS payment terms:

  1. Transaction fees and other unofficial charges are charged monthly with a 14-day payment term
  2. Any taxes, duties, or any other official charges may be invoiced separately from the fees twice a month with a payment term is 14 days but are currently invoiced once a month. 
  3. In case registration country authorities require bank guarantees or similar to cover for the risks, the Supplier can demand such guarantees from the Customer with a 1-month term

All payments shall be made in Euros. Overdue payments shall be subject to an overdue interest at the rate of eleven percent (11%) added to the currently applicable official Euribor 6-month interest rate and added with 40€. EAS may suspend the provision of EAS Solution and Services to Customer in the event that Customer has delayed payment. Over 30€ invoices are added with 6€ per invoice for invoicing fee unless the seller has opted for bundle pricing. 


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