How to install EAS Shopify app for special goods

EAS Shopify App for Special Goods is a solution for merchants with very complex taxation landscapes


You can download our quick installation guide here

Release version 1.2

Installation manual for EAS EU Compliance Shopify App

Table of content

Installation manual 

General Information 


Set up and functionality 

1. General settings - General App settings. 

2. Popup settings

3. Shipping settings

4. Products settings

Testing the functionality of the application

Removing the app from store

Known Issues 

Installation manual

This installation manual is intended for merchants installing EAS application independently. The guide includes the required technical information, known issues and technical references. The independent installation requires knowledge of Shopify environment. If the collaboration rights are provided to EAS Support, the installation and functionality testing can be done by EAS support team.

General Information

EAS EU Compliance Solution for Shopify facilitates VAT compliance in the supported countries. The compliance includes precise calculation of taxes, application of all special VAT schemes, and preparation of fiscal reports for the sales under the VAT schemes.

Before the EAS Solution is taken into use, the merchant must register with EAS at and provide legal and registry data required for operations. The list of required documents depends on scope of services required. Please, follow the link to the registration:

When application is running, the behaviour of the Checkout button is overridden. Instead of switching to the standard Shopify Checkout, the user is presented with a window where the user fills in the required information to place an order (Figure 1 and Figure 2)Screenshot_2023-02-02_at_10.54.22.png

Figure 1


Figure 2

At checkout EAS Solution adds another product line Taxes and Duties (figure 3).Screenshot_2023-02-02_at_10.59.59.png

Figure 3

An additional EAS form may be presented with:

• B2B sales, when validation of VAT number is required;

• Low Value Consignment Limiter is chosen and the shopper is notified they have reached a threshold; After the Buyer confirmation, they are redirected to Shopify Checkout with the calculated taxes and duties.


During the installation of the application, a number of access rights for the application will be requested manually (Figure 4).


Figure 4

Set up and functionality

Some terms and concepts used in this section may require additional explanations. Please refer to the full EAS EU compliance user’s manual for further details.

EAS Admin Panel

The EAS Admin Panel is divided into several sections:

1. General settings - General App settings.

General settings include such functionality as enable / disable the application, settings for authorisation in the EAS service, setting default values for tax determination engine and integration with the store theme. Store theme integration involves setting up css selectors for the Checkout button and integration with ajax-cart (Figure 5).


Figure 5

2. Popup settings

A settings section that is used to style the modal window, including the ability to edit headings (Figure 6)


Figure 6

3. Shipping settings

This section is used to fine-tune delivery services. The settings of each delivery service must be defined as Courier or Postal, the default is set to Postal Delivery (Figure 7)


Figure 7

4. Products settings

In this section products’ attributes used by EAS for tax and duty determination/calculation are input. Default input can be used as most products would be the same. The additional attributes entered only here. Please refer to the full EAS EU VAT compliance manual for precise information and bulk/mass load instructions.




Figure 9


For simplicity and ease of navigation while creating/editing products, the application supports “quick transitions” between the application settings and Shopify Product Admin Panel settings: 6 / 9 Figure 8 Figure 9 From the Product page, to go to the EAS Admin Panel, click on the More actions → Product details button (Figure 10).


Figure 10 

The system administrator will be directed to the Products Settings menu in EAS application. The Products will be filtered to the product from which the link was pressed. Thereafter, The Administrator willbe able to continue editing the same Product (Figure 11).


Figure 11

The system administrator will be directed to the Products Settings menu in EAS application. The Products will be filtered to the product from which the link was pressed. Thereafter, The Administrator will be able to continue editing the same Product (Figure 12).


Figure 12

Testing the functionality of the application

To check the functionality of the application, it is necessary to perform several steps:

1. Check if the application is enabled in the admin panel settings:


2. Check the application settings related to setting css selectors for the application to interact with the selected application theme. Selectors in different themes may vary: Screenshot_2023-02-02_at_11.19.29.png

If the theme does not use Ajax-cart (cart without reloading), then the system administrator needs to disable it by un-checking the box.


3. Go to the Online store and add the product to the cart, and then click the Checkout button. If everything is configured correctly, the expected behaviour is to display the following modal window:


If the System Administrator has chosen delivery country outside the EU, then the EAS service will not calculate the amount of taxes, and the System Administrator will be redirected to Shopify Checkout.


4. When the form is completed, the System Administrator proceeds to the step of choosing delivery method

After choosing the delivery method, the System Administrator is redirected to Shopify Checkout, which contains an additional product called Taxes and Duties. Taxes and Duties will include all taxed and customs duties to be paid by user.


Removing the app from store

To remove the EAS application, the System Administrator needs to click on the Delete button in the list of applications in the store:

Known Issues

The application is created in accordance with the latest Shopify requirements and does not require additional settings upon installation. However, some client created checkout schemes and settings may cause display problems and require manual adjustment from the EAS support team. EAS EU compliances application has been tested with various payment/checkout solutions in constant upgrade and improvement.