How to handle orders over IOSS threshold 150€?

EAS can help push more to the cheaper IOSS shipments, but it is not always possible. The seller has the choice between poor customer service and better customer for non-IOSS shipments.

IOSS can be used for goods valued at under 150€ only. Orders valued over 150€ require full customs procedure, VAT payment, possible customs duties, and customs handling fees.

If the value of a shopping cart is over 150€, there are options:

  1. The seller can ask the customer to split the order if it contains multiple products. The seller is specifically not allowed to split orders themselves in the regulation. 
  2. EAS can block EU orders valued higher than 150€, and notify the customer that "goods higher than 150€ are not allowed to the EU from this store"
  3. We let customers make purchases normally with any value without interfering with the purchase process.

Shipping over 150€ goods to the EU can be done in two ways: 

Delivered Duty Unpaid, DDU: Also called Delivery At Place, DAP. This is the default setting on platforms. This means that the logistics company will collect taxes, duties and customs fees on delivery from the end customer. These costs come as a surprise to most and result in a terrible customer buying experience, increased returns and a plummeting number of returning customers. 

Delivered Duty Paid, DDP: Requires a contract with a courier for DDP and adjustment of the store to collect duties and taxes at checkout. The courier invoices the seller for the taxes, duties and fees, leaving the end customer with the task of only collecting the shipment. 


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