How to correct VATs manually in EAS dashboard?

Sometimes due to logistics providers communication errors VAT is collected twice and the liability must be corrected manually in EAS dashboard

Reasons for fiscal corrections vary, for example the following situations may lead to an acceptable correction:

  • Double taxation (destination postal operator collects VAT for the second time);
  • Returned parcel due to logistics or related issues;
  • Post sale discounts (post sale discounts also can be handled via “ Order discounts” option in the EAS dashboard)  
  • Initial mistakes in the VAT calculations and omissions in reporting for previous months.

General rules.

All submitted VAT Corrections should contain proving document.
The document should be attached to the VAT Corrections submit form. Supported formats include (.zip, .png, .jpg, .pdf).
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  1. Always keep the documents that provide grounds for correction, such as claims from logistics operators to your clients, customs declarations etc.
  2. All corrections are made in the currency of the order and should not be greater than the collected order VAT. Note that postal operators may claim additional fees for collecting VAT at customs, such fees may vary greatly, from 3 to 20 EUR depending on the country. Postal operator fees cannot be reclaimed via VAT corrections. Claims for such fees have to be addressed to  your originating logistics operator or software provider. 
  3. You may reimburse any amount to your client due to double payment of taxes, but you can only input negative correction corresponding to the VAT amount collected in the invoice.

This Guide

This guide is only for manual corrections.  When you make returns/refunds via your e-shop, the data is collected automatically removing the need for manual intervention.  We suggest that you use “Order discounts'' options for post-sale discounts, even though such discounts can be handled via manual corrections also. 

Access to EAS dashboard

Ensure that you have access to the EAS dashboard. EAS dashboard is available at  If you cannot access the dashboard , please, write to to receive a new password link. 

For more details please refer to EAS Merchant Dashboard and Reporting:


1. Select “VAT corrections” menu option and press “Create New Vat Correction”:

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2. Select OSS IMPORT option (or any other report type):


Application window will display


Attached file size should not exceed 10 Mb.

3. Fill it and press “Submit” button. The data shall correspond to the order subject to correction, not the payment claim. 

Please, always use order currency while making corrections.  Exchange rates will be fetched live automatically from the European Central Bank.

Ensure that you properly identify the correction type “add” or “deduct” 

“Add” is for the positive correction (you pay more), “Deduct” is for negative correction (you eventually pay less).  

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4. Review correction and submit:

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5. After submitting, a success notification has to appear in the upper-right corner.


VAT Correction is now successfully entered.

EAS operator will approve or reject the correction in the management interface. 
Please ensure that you keep the underlying supporting documentation since it may be required for the future audits