How to change monthly subscription plan?

It is very easy to change monthly subscription plan directly from EAS Dashboard. Just few clicks needed.

This Guide

This guide will help you to change your subscription plan via EAS Dashboard.

Access to EAS dashboard

Ensure that you have access to EAS dashboard. EAS dashboard can be found  If you cannot access the dashboard, please, contact to receive a new password link. 

For more details please refer to EAS Merchant Dashboard and Reporting

As per contract annex 5.1, subscription plan can be changed not later than 25 of current month.

Follow these steps to change subscription plan:

In EAS Dashboard:

1. Open profile menu (upper right corner) and select "Pricing" option.

2. On the screen you will see

     (1)  You current plan information (Use "Press for more details" link to open detailed pricing information)
     (2) Special schemes selector that you are using

     (3) List of available plans

3. Select what special schemes you would like to subscribe for  (by default system will pre select all schemes that your account currently configure for)

4. Choose wanted plan and press "Request change"

5. In the popup prompt you will be informed when new plan will take affect. Press "Request change" to approve request.

6. After request successfully processed, you will see information about change request near the current plan information and in the list of available plans.