How to become compliant when selling to EU through online store?

Compliance improves your customer buying experience, reduces costs and reduces your stress.

Compliance is not as complicated as you may think. Nor does compliance have upfront costs when done with the right partner. Being compliant with EAS reduces manual work stages and provides accurate, timely data, reducing your costs and time spent on researching and solving regulatory issues. 

Talk to EAS and we will map your VAT liabilities. Liabilities depend on multiple details, such as where you are incorporated, and whether it is an EU or non-EU country. Second, where you are storing or are going to store goods also affects liabilities.

The rule of thumb is, that it is someone has to pay the VAT, you as the seller can control how transparent the costs are and how difficult it is to make a purchase from you. Selling from within the EU the seller is always VAT liable. Delivering from outside of the EU either you, the seller or the end-customer must pay the VAT. Leaving the liability to the customers is simply poor customer service, as they only have a possibility to pay the VAT on delivery - which comes most of the time as an unpleasant surprise. 

Use IOSS for below 150€ sales and find a logistics partner who can provide you with a reliable Delivery Duty Paid (DDP) solution.

EAS IOSS service is an all-inclusive and fully automated solution. EAS registers companies for IOSS, and automated IOSS reporting, filing and payments. Start by registering at

But do talk to us, we know VAT. You don’t want surprises with obligations!