How does EAS IOSS registration work?

EAS makes the process a breeze! You will have your own IOSS number in minutes if needed

If the seller is located outside of the EU, EAS registers the seller for IOSS and takes the role of the Intermediary. EAS provides registration instructions and assistance for EU companies.

The registration process takes minutes, EAS provides the IOSS number once onboarding is complete, i.e., EAS application / plugin is installed and platform configured. 

The following information is required for IOSS registration:

  • Official company name
  • Company address
  • Postal address (if different)
  • Responsible person on the record 
  • Contact person, if different from the responsible person
  • Contact e-mail
  • Contact phone

The following documentation is required for the IOSS registration:

  • Authorised person valid ID
  • Company / legal entity registration document 
  • VAT registration if applicable (EU and UK sellers only)

You can start the process by registering at