EAS IOSS + UK VAT: Streamlined Compliance for Authors

Navigating the especially complex compliance issues of international taxation on books is a daunting task. With EAS, you can breathe easy knowing that your VAT obligations are handled automatically and efficiently

EAS: Your One-Stop Solution for EU and UK VAT Compliance

EAS is your trusted partner in ensuring seamless VAT compliance for your online book sales to EU and UK customers. We automate the process of calculating taxes, generating reports, filing reports, and paying VAT to EU tax administrations.

Painless Setup and Integration

Our team will handle the installation and configuration of our EAS application to your online store, ensuring seamless integration and hassle-free compliance.

EU Special VAT Schemes and UK VAT Registration

We'll register you for the applicable EU special VAT schemes and guide you through the registration process for UK VAT. UK VAT is crucial if you're using Print-On-Demand services in UK and essential for filing VAT on audio books.

Simplified Taxation for All Formats

We understand the complexities of VAT rates across different formats. For example, books enjoy reduced VAT rates in most European countries, with one exception: Denmark. Audio books also have different VAT rates in each region, notably UK levies full VAT on them. EAS will handle all these nuances and more for you.

Seamless Onboarding and Support

Our dedicated support team will walk you through the onboarding process, explaining how and why to at each stage. They'll keep you well-informed every step of the way, ensuring a smooth transition to VAT compliance. You will gain a ready template for compliance configuration for sales to VAT countries.

Your IOSS and UK VAT Numbers: Keep Them Secure

Once configured, you'll receive your IOSS and UK VAT numbers. These numbers identify the VAT-liable party, so be sure to restrict their disclosure to trusted parties who require the information, such as your logistics and POD partners.

Monthly Billing and Efficient Payments

EAS will invoice you monthly for our fees and EU VATs. Once you pay the invoice, our team will file the reports and make the payments on your behalf to the respective authorities. Prompt payment is crucial to avoid penalties and potential registration bans.

Quarterly UK VAT Compliance

For UK VAT, invoices for our fees and VAT will be issued quarterly. We'll handle the filing of UK VAT reports and provide you with instructions on how to pay UK VAT directly to HMRC. Remember to make timely payments to avoid HMRC penalties.

Taxation Made Easy

With EAS, you can focus on creating your masterpieces while we take care of the taxing details. Our team is always available to answer your questions about international taxation, tech, or platforms.

Embrace Seamless Compliance with EAS

Let EAS simplify your VAT compliance journey and empower you to grow your global bookselling business.