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EAS fee and the tax calculation in WooCommerce

There are three modes of EAS fee calculation available with EAS, all modes can be used for VAT inclusive and exclusive pricing models.

  1. EAS transaction fee is added to Shipping Fees
    The most commonly adopted approach for incorporating the EAS fee into prices is to raise the EU/UK shipping fees by the same amount as the EAS transaction fee. By adjusting the shipping fees in regions where EAS is utilised, you can maintain your profit margins intact.
  2. EAS fee billed to the EAS customer as a business expense.
    This mode is available both for "live" orders, i.e. orders that are handled by EAS during the purchase, and for orders that are entered via administrative tools/ received via sales channels.
    In this mode, EAS fee is not included in the calculation for the buyer and is only calculated at the moment when EAS issues the invoice to the EAS customer.